Extensions and Adding Value to your Property

Extensions and Building Development

Adding value to a property is not rocket science, yes, labour can prove to be expensive but initially the concept is there for almost every home owner. Conservatories, Extensions, Open Plan layouts and loft conversions are usually the most proven methods of adding value to a property. Not every building project will guarantee adding value as there’s always offsetting costs but also a ceiling price to every home or property. The price or value to you personally though is somewhat priceless. Adding personal space or added space to you in your home is uplifting, a new domain to relax, a new room to put things that were simply cluttering up your living spaces or a bew room or bathroom to sleep and enjoy. The choices are endless but at what cost?

Adding Value in personal use and value to your home

Modern Homes Demand Smart Technology

Design and Technology has rapidly advanced over the past few decades, smart technology in the home seems to be advancing quicker than the general public is able to keep up with. You’d be amazed if we said over 80% of the British public have a smart device in their homes already………impossible you say? No, it’s true, a mobile phone is now used as a smart device that can be integrated for smart home use. “Alexa” or “Hey Siri” will answer the doubters but what makes this so great within the UK homes is the technology can be used for becoming more efficient with energy, powering down lights, monitoring of temperatures in each room or in the home………..even when you’re out at work! Switching off lights that are accidentally left on when not at home and so much more. A modern home is now becoming the normal home…….as builders of modern homes we can’t wait for the next few decades as homes will become even more advanced and on demand.

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